New Project:
How do you save our planet Earth?
Wie rettest Du den Planeten Erde?
Как ты спасаешь планету землю?
Comment sauves-tu la planète la terre ?
Come salvi il pianeta terra ?
¿Cómo salvas el planeta la tierra?

Do you stop smoking?
Do you eat no meat?
Do you laugh 10times a day?
Do you…

Tell us your strategy to save our planet earth…

Please send your drawings, photos, images, words, collages, postcards …
Max. A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)
Please send only works corresponding to our theme.
No jury, no return. No documentation (because of financial reasons)
All works corresponding to the theme will be published in this website. (with the mail-artists name and country)

The project is closed since March 31.
Many thanks for all your contributions.
Please enjoy all works viewing in alphabetic order, in incoming order or even bigger in a slideshow.
There are also Text contributions.
How do you save our planet earth?

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